Wolves Reclaim Rowing Glory Title! 🐺🥇

Posted On November 20, 2019

Wolves RFC Malta reclaim their title in the ‘Row for Glory’ competition. Earlier today the University of Malta Rowing Club hosted its annual event for the second year running. This year was the first ‘competitive year’ meaning that the more athletic organisations took part to see who would win the cash prize of EUR 100.

“Last time round it was Wolves, and this time round i think it will be Wolves” said Luke Frendo the president of the UM Rowing Club. Frendo proved to be right, as Wolves placed first 🥇University of Malta Racing Team 🥈second and ESO – European Studies Organisation🥉third.

This event saw big organisations such as S-Cubed – Science Students’ SocietyELSA Malta, ESO and Wolves RFC compete in a relay race. Each member from the organisation had to complete 500 meters each, totalling to 2K, as four members from each organisation would take part. The fastest rowers would grab the prize of EUR 100.

The Rowing Club practices sliding seat rowing which is an established Olympic sport. Currently they do not have any rowing boats to take to the seas but that is on the cards for the club in the coming summer months.

The club are offering evening indoor rowing classes, these have been on since last October. They take place at the Sports Hall and will be continuing next term also. They hope to see a greater interest from people so that they can add more days to their schedule.

Written by Emma Asciak


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