Support These Local Fashion Businesses on Instagram

Posted On September 15, 2020

In the complicated world we find ourselves in, what better way to be a good citizen other than supporting local businesses to get on their feet? Here’s 6 start-up fashion businesses I came to discover on Instagram which you should really check out!

1) tikka.tafal

Meet Ylenia from Tikka Tafal; a creative person who makes jewelry out of polymer clay and affordable scrunchies from upcycled fabrics. Her summer collection features vibrant colors that scream kawaii. She is in the workings of creating her autumn and winter collections which will most definitely be eye-catching. Give her a follow to keep yourself updated!

2) gazed_official

Who doesn’t love tie-dye? GAZED is a Maltese fashion business aimed at stopping the fast fashion mindset. They call their recent t-shirts collection – ACID CLOUDS – which are definitely on my to-buy list. Such a collection is definitely aesthetically pleasing. Click on their website to get your own tee!

3) vogue__x__

The only second-hand clothing store in Malta and Gozo, Vogue Xchange is making waves on the islands. Meet Tonya who is the mastermind behind this snazzy store. Tonya collects clothes that people donate to her store in which she hand selects the best items that are put on the racks for sale. The aim of Vogue Xchange is to be a space where anyone could stop by and find something in good condition, even though it’s second-hand. The aim is to stop fast-buying, fast fashion and clothing wastage.

4) tal_monti_thrifting

What’s better than finding a good deal at your typical Maltese monti? A thrift monti that has incredible prices. tal_monti_thrifting sells second-hand clothing items to individuals to make greater use of them. Here’s the place for you to be able to to purchase upcycled items and get your money’s worth. Thrifting has never been easier. Make sure to keep an eye out on this page – there’s a lot of value here!

5) thewornspace

Need to upgrade your wardrobe? The WORNspace is a virtual, curated marketplace for people to sell and buy clothes in a more sustainable way. The goal is to push for a more environmentally-friendly and ‘guilt-free’ approach to updating our wardrobes and giving new life to pre-loved clothing. For too long a time, buying second-hand clothes was considered taboo. There’s a growing shift in mindset about this around the world and The WORNspace would like to contribute towards this movement in Malta.

6) bowsmadepretty

Unique is the best word to describe this Instagram page. This business offers a wide variety of pretty handmade bows and other creations which come in all sorts of colours and patterns. What makes these bows even more beautiful is the fact that they could be made for your pets!

Written by Corrine Zahra


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