Riley’s Manic Magic – ZiguZaig Festival 2020

Posted On December 2, 2020

The online dance show “Riley’s Manic Magic” is one of the ten performances of the ZiguZaig International Arts Festival for Children & Young people 2020. The 30-minute performance provided by Moveo Dance Company tells the story about a magical birthday. 

What the three dancers bring to the stage is not a birthday like so many. The writer, Cassie Camilleri, creates magic and the protagonists of the story show this through dance. Little girl Riley receives a snowball for her birthday. She does not seem very happy with the gift and her anger leads her auntie Mar and her friend Glen to be magically transported into the snowball. Thanks to the help of the public and the dance, everything is back to normal and Riley can finally celebrate her birthday and appreciate the gift.

The story is set in a living room furnished with geometric furniture where the primary colors yellow, blue and red which stand out. The same colors are used for costumes. These bring out the light-hearted theme of the plot.

The “Riley’s Manic Magic” is a combination of contemporary movements. The dancers interact with each other throughout the performance. Duets and solos prevail. A particular choreography is repeated several times as the common thread of the story, bringing out it’s relevance. The dancers use the entire space as move all over the stage. The dancers are more connected to the floor rather than the ceiling. The work has a clear beginning, middle and end. The dancers’ ability that stands out in this performance is the ability to transmit emotions starting from the movements of their body. They are energetic and focused on their work.

Another notable element is the music arrangement. The music composer, Albert Garzia, creates pieces that evoked a specific emotional response.

Lights also have a fundamental value in this show because they guide you through the performance and helps you to focus on the dancers. For instance, red light represents anger while blue light sadness.

The Cyberspace Av’s work is especially noteworthy. The video filming company did a great job with editing. Thanks to the post-production work it is easier to understand the story. The snowball post-production effect helps stimulate every child’s imagination and makes performance more magical.

Being a show aimed at children the choice to interact with them and make them participate is very interesting and appropriate.

Written by Chiara Bellich


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