Harbor Me by Singer/Songwriter – Audri

Posted On May 12, 2020

The single by Belgian musician, Audri, brings playful jazzy sounds which are soothing for untangling the mind. She is a young artist building on her creativity and in her latest music video Harbor Me, Audri explores the battles of anxiety and strength using energetic contemporary dance. The movement is like an unpredictable electric switchboard and reflects the puzzled emotions that cannot be so easy to verbalise but together they beautifully match with her music.

Audri partnered with professional modern dancer, Matteo, who she had already seen from other music performances. His movement is square like and abstract, but still very organic. It’s clear for Audri how the way he dances matches the vision of the character in her head. Together they explore different sequences of movements opening the possibilities of storytelling but leaves enough space for improvisation. This allows the movement to really engage along with the feelings, developing the smaller interactions between the dancers.

There are certain pointer moments to be playful and free to fight, navigating different emotions. They are loving each other, angry with each other, fighting with each other and being scared of each other. In one moment, we see this exchange between the two dancers, their bodies twisting and leaping away from each other. The movement reflects the struggling, especially about being scared. The dance expresses the climatic side of insecure feelings and reluctantly embraces them but the feeling also gives so much energy to the movement so you want to like it. The whole piece becomes a fight and love story all at once.

As the music was already composed, it influenced the dance a lot. Some movements you can pick out relate to the riffs of the guitar, where Audri gently plucks her fingers mimicking the rhythm. In another moment, the bridge of the music becomes very intense, at which point she surrenders her body and mind. Matteo picks her up like a puppet and takes full command over her during the lower moments of the dance. Audri’s movements become limp but something quickly flips back together again so both dancers show an acceptance of each other. These movements are so special, holding their own symbolisms.

The core of this movement is dualism, depicting the fight between two characters that are actually the same person. It is a story with two people, two opposites, one of the dancers being the embodiment of Audri’s anxiety acting as the demons inside taunting her.

Filming the movements shows a strong willingness to express the restlessness which is manifested in the very bones of the body so it had to be a dance to make a portrait of these feelings.

In developing the concept behind Harbor Me, there are feelings which cannot be forced and even the stories come with such a wild restless swing of energy. The movement is everything that comes with it, the good and bad feelings making it the perfect battle between the two people. The dance embodies all the negativity and insecurity which was needed to get over the inner worries about not looking pretty enough, that is not the point of this dance. The dance seeks for the frustration and tells the story with all the thoughts and words that have been exchanged.

Audri’s movement is the mechanism of the conversations with internal emotions. The inner child is able to run riot, diving deeper into what is going on inside the body and mind. The dance is the output of these explorations, which is rewarding to discover and journey with.

The image above was taken by @audrimakesmusic via Instagram

Make sure to check out her music video below!

Written by Phoebe Hughes


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