“Hamlet” by the Imperfect Dancers Company

Posted On November 14, 2019

Insite Malta has collaborated with USPA – University Students of Performing Arts Association to bring you reviews on performances, be it dance, acting, music etc.
Our first piece was penned by Isabel Mallia as she critiques, “Hamlet” by the Imperfect Dancers Company, which took place at Teatru Salesjan

Rediscovery through Reconstruction

True perfection lies within the imperfection of human nature. This paradox is what Imperfect Dancers Company strive to achieve. Inspired by literature, history and culture, their recent performance of Hamlet successfully reached this goal, as they established a sentimental connection with their audience by distilling Shakespearean language into contemporary dance.

The piece stemmed from the ambiguous relationships in life and beyond in Hamlet, the artistic director and choreographer, Walter Matteini interpolates the heroine who is mentally unstable but identifies with her namesake as Shakespeare’s Ophelia given that she finds closure in reading the play. As the tragedy materialises before Ophelia’s eyes, she tries to understand what happens to her by interacting with the characters, offering compassion to an otherwise disturbed situation.

Moreover, one of the main dancers who deserves every praise is Ina Broeckx who played Gertrude; she is also the company’s artistic director and co-choreographer. In displaying raw emotion, she used every inch of her body to its full potential, rendering her cathartic performance worthy of a standing ovation.

The style adopted for this performance was minimalist, both in costume, lights and props, making use of dark colours, predominantly red and black. The task of seamlessly portraying this canonical literary work in just over an hour is no easy feat.

Nevertheless, through combining dance with accurate atmospheric music, this production reinvigorates our understanding of Hamlet through reconstruction, by focusing on genre, spatial dynamics and character development through the exploration of the perfect imperfection of tragedy.

Written by Isabelle Mallia


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