Girl in the Machine: A Warning or A Hypothesis?

Posted On December 6, 2021

‘Girl in the Machine’ is a dystopian drama written by Stef Smith and directed by Michael Richardson. The two main protagonists, Polly, and Owen are shown trying to navigate their relationship in a difficult time filled with global crisis, bad news, and the new technology being incorporated into their daily lives; something which surely resonates with the audience.

The play kicks off when Owen, played by Gianni Selvaggi, brings home a VR headset named Black Box, as a gift to Polly, played by Tina Rizzo, in an attempt to relieve her stress. As Polly spends more and more time online, the couple and the audience are forced to face the reality of online escapism and how easily addictive it is.

The production team of ‘Girl in the Machine’ has offered one of USPA’s members two tickets to their premiere and Q&A session. This is what our member, Marija Spiteri, thought about the performance.

“Girl in the Machine’ presents an insightful and thought-provoking performance into the narrowing gap between what we perceive to be reality and the artificially created reality that consumes our livelihoods. It reconceptualizes reality from the core of intimate relationships to virtual reality and society’s reaction to it. From the witty use of light-hearted humour onto a build-up of anxiety and hysteria, the representation of freedom and constraint as an unrelenting battle resurfaces throughout. The intimacy of the stage setup, combined with the performers’ fervent portrayals of Polly and Owen, creates an immersive experience within an intimate storyline, at times provoking a sense of intrusion within the spectators. This is not a performance you want to miss out on!”

Following many excellent reviews, you do not want to miss out the rest of the performances!  Find out more information from:

All photos featured in this article have been taken from Girl In The Machine’s Facebook page:

Written by USPA


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