Did you know Malta had Such a Young Candle Maker?

Posted On November 21, 2019

At 31 years of age a young chap decided to take up a unique job; Candle Making. This music loving creative is shining a light on an often-dismissed skill that we think people need to know about.

Matthew Micallef started his curious journey into the world of candle making about seven years ago. Since not many people pursue a career in candle making one wonders how Matthew got into such an artistry.

His father runs a long-standing business in Malta that produces the ever famous red ‘reliable’ candles. We all know them, and we all rely on them when the power goes out. So, one may say that Matthew’s leap into the industry was not a far one.

It was curiosity, mainly, that drew him in. He went abroad to study under an aficionado candle maker, Gary Simmons, a few years back and this helped him to hone his skills, but he is mainly self-thought. The majority of his designs are purely experimental and he simply allows himself to explore when creating.

The fuel of his creations is sparked through emotion. When he sits down to create something new he does not necessarily have a pre-conceived idea in mind, rather he allows himself to come through. He said that this one time he just kept scratching at a candle and he kept going, and the end result was this beautiful flame like texture.

Candle making is quite an economical practice, if you get too carried away and wind up destroying a design the solution is a simple as re-melting the candle and re-using the wax.

Matthew can create beautiful candles that can be made to order. Mdina Glass Malta gave Matthew the opportunity to fill their works and this is what allowed him to really start running with his business. Not too long ago he was approached by
Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa who have been his clients for three years now and he has been creating beautiful designs for them since.

If you are intrigued by this young entrepreneurs’ skills make sure to follow him on Instagram @CoronationCandles (https://www.instagram.com/coronationcandles/) and consider going local for your special Christmas gifts this year.

Written by Emma Asciak


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