Cirque du Soleil

Posted On January 7, 2020

‘Vitori’, an explosive performance of #CirqueduSoleil, is presented in Malta for the first time ever to mark the 40th anniversary of the conversion of theMediterranean Conference Centre into a multi-functional space.

The stage is a chessboard where two opposing forces are set to wage a battle and a world which seems orderly, turns into a world of organised chaos. The characters battle and intertwine as the conquest for the Black Rook commences.

The Golden King, also a cellist, strives to accomplish his love amidst countless obstacles; Bishops, Knights, Pawns, Rooks and his fearsome Queen. The characters first appear in stunning black and gold costumes which then progress
to a show of vivid colours.

An avant-garde fashion show together with graphic architectural lightning as well as a modern, rhythmic musical score all lead to an amazing theatrical presentation with intense gripping moments of acrobats and dancers flying across the stage, hanging precariously from ropes and making the impossible seem possible.

A stunned audience is faced with an energetic performance where opposing forces are in continual conflict, the dynamic undulation of the body around a revolving point continually creating resistance against an object or a character.

One sees balance in action where the body’s centre of gravity continually changes position in order to achieve the necessary dynamics that a well-trained actor conveys successfully to the audience. Essentially, it is this
interdisciplinary approach that engages the audience, together with the harmony of singing, dancing, acting, and acrobatics. This is ultimately the aim of Cirque du Soleil; a character-driven approach creating opposing forces, the King and Queen, the black and white, the yin and yang, in an explosion of physical theatre at its best.

Photos by Malta Shows

Written by Hannah Dowling


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