UoM Stated Moving this Year’s Graduation to February/March 2021

Posted On July 7, 2020

Earlier today, the University of Malta stated that it would be moving this year’s Graduation, which is usually in November and December, to February or March of 2021. They issued this statement via email to all graduating students. It is ridiculous that UoM decided to prematurely take this decision when the Government of Malta has lessen restrictions to the point that life has returned to normality. After years of hard work, studying and patience, it is unfair for graduating students that the University of Malta took this decision so early on when the matter is not relevant to the situation currently. Such a decision should be considered according to the pandemic situation in Malta nearer to November. KSU, SDM and Pulse all expressed their views of the matter via Facebook and stated that they will be in contact with the University of Malta.

Written by Corrine Zahra


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