This Year’s KPS Commissioner Election to be Held on Campus?

Posted On May 9, 2020

Earlier this week, on the 6th of May, the KPS Commission sent out an email regarding the upcoming KPS Commissioner Election. The email stated;

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we will be holding the meeting for the presentation of manifestos by the candidates on the 14th of May at 5:30 PM via zoom. The election will be held the following day, with voting open in the KSU Common Room on the 15th May 2020 between 9 AM and 5 PM Disclaimer: If you are feeling unwell, we kindly ask you to stay home, if you are the only representative that can make it on the day, we advise you to use the facility of the proxy vote.”

Insite responded to their email in which they replied this morning saying that the clarifications were sent via email and if we had any inquiries, not to hesitate to ask. The KPS Commission sent out another email this morning to all student organizations specifying the terms in which the physical elections will be held.

Such instructions were; the representative cleaning their hands prior and after voting, a pen given to the representative to vote which will be taken home afterwards, the room will be disinfected before voting commences, the tables being disinfected after every vote, each representative must wear a face mask, and of course, the two-metre distance rule.

The KPS Commissioner Election could be held on the platform used for the KSU Presidential Election. Every student organization has an official email account, thus an online election could be arranged. These are not times in which we should be physically voting.

It is not fair that a physical election is being imposed on us when we are the ones voting. Those organizations who do not manage to find another organization to proxy vote for them will end up not having their vote counted in the election, thus the the election would not even be representing all of the student organizations.

Insite understands that a physical election would be taken seriously with all necessary measures enacted however the simple fact that these representatives must leave their homes to vote is a health risk during this critical situation. If there are specific reasons as to why the election has to be physically held, the KPS Commission should have included these in their email.

Insite reached out to other student organisations to see what their stance on the situation was too. We hope that something can be arranged for the upcoming election.

Written by Corrine Zahra


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