The Lack of Voting in the KSU Elections

Posted On May 8, 2020

As many of you know, the election for KSU President was held yesterday. You might be asking yourself; how come only 20% of the eligible voters voted yesterday when our university email accounts were flooded with emails telling us every detail we needed to know in order to vote?

It was a fairly easy process and we were even sent a text on our phone on the day to ensure that we wouldn’t forget the big day. Even just simply logging onto Facebook, we were flooded with manifestos and posts of the new proposals the candidates were planning to enact. Therefore, the reason for such a lack of voters was definitely not the simple forgetfulness of the student population.

When the KSU Electoral Commission posted that only 20% of students voted, I was shocked. I knew the percentage was not going to be high but I didn’t expect it to be so low either. So what happened? Was it the fact that the candidates couldn’t campaign on campus and reach the students from there due to Covid-19? Or was it the fact that there are Pulse supporters on campus who couldn’t care less if SDM or the independent candidate were elected? It could have been the fact that the majority of students couldn’t care less on who got elected as they think that KSU, and whoever is in it, will not affect them directly. Or maybe it was the fact that deep down everyone knew that SDM was going to get elected no matter what so why bother voting when it will not make a difference?

I sincerely hope that this changes and that students start to realise the importance of student activism and their vote, whether it will affect them directly or not. I think it’s time KSU launched an effective campaign on the importance of voting and student activism. Such a campaign could be a collective one in which all the student organisations on campus could participate in to promote voting and its importance. The ideal time to launch this campaign would be before the KSU Elections next year, with hope that the percentage of voting would increase.

At the end of the day most of us are attending this university for three to four years or even more, thus why shouldn’t we care about who gets elected in the council?

Written by Emma Galea


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