Steward Health Care is Employing Foreigners Instead of Gozitan Nurses

Posted On June 19, 2020

Insite Malta is releasing the below press release written by Gozo University Group (GUG).

Steward Health Care is engaging in continuous employment of foreign nurses in Gozo at the detriment of Gozitan nurses working in Malta and their families.

It is extremely unfair that foreign nurses employed by Steward Health Care are taking up job spots in Gozo. Nurses residing in Gozo should not have to face commuting to Malta everyday due to lack of jobs in Gozo, nor should they have to go live in Malta because of their job. Steward Health Care must abide to the social aspect of the island of Gozo and prevent the suffering of the Gozitan health care professionals, who have no choice but to come to work or study in Malta on a daily basis. 

As stated by Paul Pace, the President of The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) ,“It is unacceptable that Steward Health Care are to employ foreign nurses at Gozo General Hospital (GGH) when Gozitan nurses are working in Malta waiting to be transferred”. Our enforcement towards Gozitan nurses working at the GGH is not intended to show any opposition towards foreign workers in our country, however it is Gozitan nurses who deserve to be prioritised when choosing workers for Gozo.

The government has a responsibility to Gozitan nurses and their families to ensure that they are transferred to Gozo at the earliest possibility. The decision to continue taking up job spots through the employment of foreigners is an insult, not only to Gozitan nurses but to all Gozitan residents. Due to the lack of respect shown by Steward Health Care, the release of nurses from the Gozo transfer list to be deployed in the GGH is taking longer than it is supposed to. 

Many Gozitans have to go back and forth for work every day since there are limited opportunities in Gozo compared to Malta. In this case, we are fortunate enough to have our own hospital, however it is unacceptable to employ foreigners instead of Gozitans. This is truly intolerable for those whose only wish is to work on their own island close to home.

Written by Insite Malta


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