Seeking Alternatives During a Summer of COVID-19

Posted On August 1, 2020

Thankfully we have passed the first wave and were significantly luckier than most of the world. With thousands of deaths in our neighbouring countries, Malta learnt not to repeat the same mistakes. The first month was hell; accustomed to going out, hugging people and using public transport without fear quickly changed.

With the restrictions lifted and airports open, Malta is already weaving itself into the second wave. There are a lot of predictions what might happen and some even believe that the second wave won’t happen. Being realistic, it will probably be much worse. Our aim is to surf above this tsunami instead of drown. Yes, it is summer; a time for spending a full day at the beach and going to parties back to back. That being said, we still need to be careful. The majority of our new cases are young adults which have been to both parties and feasts plus those travelling from abroad. As a younger generation we believe that only elder people die with this virus, but do we really need a young death to finally get into the realisation that lives should not be played with?

A common prediction is that the second wave will crash our island around September/October right when flu season starts, leading onto the next few months of University and change of weather. Will we have a second lockdown or will we all be left to our own survival? It is pointless to predict the future, and no use worrying but a lot can be done.

How can we surf above the second wave? What can we do instead of partying this summer and still have loads of fun? Here’s a list of ideas Insite generated for YOU!

1) BBQ’s

Gathering a small group of your closest friends, staying on your roof (or a not so crowded area) is the perfect way to have a good time and enjoy being around the people most close to you. Food, drinks, music, without all the chaos.

2) Visiting abandoned places

Malta is full of abandoned areas and excluded beaches which are excellent to explore and give you a great thrill. Plus some amazing pictures. Be careful and best not to go once its dark.

3) Be a tourist!

Malta is beautiful. Be a tourist for a day, explore Malta’s wonders, take a boat ride, explore Comino, Gozo, you name it!

4) Be daring!

Ever wanted to go diving, skydiving or parachuting? Now, is the perfect time to do that.

5) If you must go to parties…

Make sure to keep safe practice whilst still having fun, stay away from crowds, don’t share drinks from the same cup and ideally events which are outdoors. This still does not prevent COVID-19, as we have seen with the hotel takeover party, but it is definitely better than nothing.

Have fun! Stay safe!


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