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Posted On May 4, 2022

Election – general information

The role of international Officer within KSU is an important role, considering the University of Malta is host to quite a large number of international students. The international office is also concerned with the representation of the student body on an international level and with the European Students’ Union.

This year’s election sees two contestants for the role: Cristina Sollami and Mahmoud Abdelrahman.

Insite and The Third Eye decided to collaborate in order to produce a video and an article to cover the development of this election and get to know more about both candidates.

Cristina Sollami

Cristina provided us with some information about her past experiences with regards to student activism, these include roles at Erasmus Student Network and Malta Medical Students’ Association.


  • Active member
  • Secretary General


  • Active Member
  • Refugee Coordinator within SCORP
  • Human Rights and Peace officer (SCORP)

By looking at the Cristina’s manifesto, it is possible to see that the candidate is planning on being a ‘stepping stone’ for the international office. She plans on doing so by taking actions such as: hosting biweekly social events in order to help international students integrate, continuing the implementation of the Buddy System, and gathering more feedback for the continuation of the Erasmus Booklet – these are just some of the plans Cristina will implement if elected, amongst many others.

Hereunder is a personal comment about the election from Cristina herself:

“I believe elections are always healthy, and everyone has the right to contest. As at the end of the day it will make the elect officer more accountable whilst gaining the students’ trust in the process.

As one can observe in the manifesto, I have created a few points, as I aim to focus on more inclusion and integration of the student body within university, whilst at the same time collaborating with as many organisations as possible, in order to have increased reach towards students. I also plan to increase and make students more aware about international opportunities that might be offered.

Regardless of the result of the election, I will always be open for collaborations and ready to listen to what students have to say.”

Mahmoud Abdelrahman

With regards to the second candidate, Insite and The Third Eye reached out to both candidates equally. However, Mahmoud Abdelrahman declined our offer to meet to produce the video and article. Despite so, as media organisations we felt it was our duty to inform the students with as much information as possible about the candidates. 

Mahmoud was reportedly a member in a number of organisations within the university, such as ESN – where he was a Board Helper, rather than a member of the Executive Team – but failed to remain in any of them for long. He was also part of MPSA, but resigned from the organisation two days after the AGM.                                                                                                         

However, as reported in the flyers put up around campus by the candidate himself, he had experiences in various association outside the University of Malta, such as:

  • President of the Egyptian Foundation of Clinical Pharmacy (EFCP)
  • Associate Member of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP)
  • Clinical paediatric oncology pharmacist at National Cancer Institute (NCI), Cairo University

Despite so, he does not seem to be very informed about the events surrounding the election, and reportedly got the date wrong date for the election, claiming it would be on the 4th of May, instead of the actual date – Thursday 5th May.

Despite both candidates having worked with ESN, the president of said organisation – Luke Bonello Ghio – has said to Insite and The Third Eye that ESN show their support and fully endorse Cristina Sollami for the role. It is important to take notice of the fact that ESN is the biggest International student organisation within the University of Malta.

As previously mentioned, Insite and The Third Eye were faced with a lack of cooperation from Mahmoud’s side, therefore we were unable to acquire a personal statement from him.

Nonetheless, we wish both candidates the best of luck on the upcoming election, which will be held on Thursday 5th May, from 9am until 5pm.                                     


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