You Can Now Get Accredited for Being in a Student Organisation

Posted On August 5, 2020

KSU has just announced that the University of Malta is introducing a new study unit, PSY2650-Student Representation at University for all students that form part of a student organisation. 

The study unit is worth 2 ECTS and will be held through fieldwork and a seminar. The assessment will simply be a reflective journal of the time one spends in a student organisation, what one learns, the advantages and disadvantages of being in a student organization, the great relationships that were formed and so on. This study unit will only be offered during semester 1.

Therefore, if you are thinking of joining up a student organisation or if you are already part of one, this will be a great opportunity! You will get to meet a bunch of people from other organisations and an extra 2 ECTS are never a bad idea. It will also look super great on the graduation transcript! 

More information about PSY2650-Student Representation at University can be found in the link attached below,

Written by Emma Galea


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