Posted On April 22, 2021

The Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (i.e. the University Students’ Council) was first founded back in 1901, with the core goal of providing students with a “forum where students can engage in active participation [and] be given the opportunity to express their ideas regarding pertinent issues.”

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2021 is set for Friday 30th April, and involves the election of the new council. In every organization, a mixture of different backgrounds is essential in order to ensure a balance of ideas and views. However, although the members of the current council come from several different courses and backgrounds, there is one common factor between them, which is the Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM).

The KSU’s current council is composed of 13 members, organised into several sections, namely the following:

  • Administration
  • Education Office
  • Social Policy Office
  • Student Affairs Office
  • International Office
  • Culture and Entertainment Office

As a note; following the recent extraordinary general meeting, the Education Commission and Socio-Political Commission are to be united into a single commission.

All the current council members, excluding the education and social policy commissioners, who were independent candidates, were put forward by SDM. On the other hand, Pulse; another student organization, last contested for the KSU’s council election back in 2018, and before that in 2015. If Pulse does not contest any members for the 2021 AGM, or any independent candidates emerge, a vote of confidence for each of the current candidates will take place and will be officially elected. Consequently, SDM will occupy the council for yet another year. This is not to say that the current or previous councils have been biased in any shape or form. However, we are asking why this is the case, especially since contrastingly in Junior College, Pulse is very active and the rivalry between SDM and Pulse is ever growing there. 

With the AGM approaching, and candidates still needing to be announced, will SDM’s reign be challenged this year?

Written by Robert Pisani


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