Vegan Options Now at JC Canteen

Posted On March 4, 2020

KSJC have launched new Vegan options in the Junior College Canteen as of yesterday, the 3rd of March. The choices will include a variety of fresh salads as well as vegan burgers.

In recent weeks KSJC have been launching new ways to make Junior College a more inclusive environment for it’s students. Seeing that the school has approximately 2000 students, according to the University of Malta website, in attendance it seems like a step in the right direction. This new addition is also accompanied by the sign language classes they introduced.

According to The Independent around 85 people had become vegan by 2018, and those are only a fraction of the true vegan population in Malta.

” This introduction has been done in order to respect and to cater to all those following strict dietary conditions! ” said KSJC in a post made to their Facebook page yesterday.

KSJC also announced that they will continue to strive for a wider range of options at the canteen in order to meet different dietary requirements.

Written by Emma Asciak


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