UM Publishes Health Guidelines for Upcoming Semester

Posted On September 23, 2020

The coming semester at the University of Malta will be a challenging one due to the pandemic that is Covid-19. The university has just published all the guidelines. Here’s all you need to know to keep safe during these uneasy times:

1.Lectures requiring use of laboratories, clinics and studios will be held physically.

2.Priority to first years will be given so they can get used to going to University.

3.A system might be adopted where the maximum number of students that are able to be in one room will be physically distanced in one lecture room while the others will be following online. The two groups will be swapping place from 1 week to another. This will also be done to avoid large numbers on campus. This system will be called P-R and will also serve students who will never be able to attend lectures physically.

4.For a large amount of students in one study unit everything will be conducted online through zoom or recorded lectures.

5.Online classes will also serve as way of teaching when a whole class needs to go into quarantine for 2 weeks in the case of a covid-19 case linked to that certain class.

6.Lecturers in quarantine that are ill will not be giving online lectures but those who are simply in quarantine with no symptoms will.

7.Mandatory lectures will now be offered during degree plus hours in order to spread out the amount of lectures happening physically on campus as much as possible. Degree plus will still continue to be offered to those students whose timetable permits participation.

8.The final decision of the mode of delivery in accordance to the above guidelines of lectures will be decided by the lecturer together in discussion with the respective Head of Department.

9.The use of other spaces such as the classes at Junior college are considered for usage but only after 17:00.

10.The problem of having a physical lecture and online lecture straight after with no time to get home has also been solved. Marquees will be installed next to the library and desks will be appropriately distanced so students can attend lectures online whilst still on campus. Security staff will be managing such areas to make sure everyone is physically distanced.

11.Physical distancing will be applied where a distance of 2 metres shall be kept during short encounters on campus.

12.Students must avoid crowding anywhere on campus especially in closed areas.

13.A physical distancing of 1.5 metres will be kept between one student and another during lectures.

14.Where and when possible outdoor venues will also be considered.

15.The wearing of masks and visors is mandatory in closed areas. Therefore, this includes lecture rooms, laboratories, clinics and workshops. It is recommended to wear them outside as well.

16.If physical activity is required during certain classes, one is exempted from wearing a mask.

17.Hugging and shaking hands is to be avoided.

18.Lecture rooms will be cleaned every morning and another time during a suitable time of the day when the lecture rooms are empty.

19.The university is recommending for every student to have personal sanitization products on them to clean the desks they’re using before and after usage.

20.Sanitizing stations will be placed at the entrance of buildings and at the entrance of lecture rooms

21.The temperature of anyone entering the premises will be taken upon entrance and those who have a temperature higher than 37.2 degrees celsuis will not be let in.

22.The doors and windows will be kept open at all times to ensure ventilation.

23.Students who are ill are not to come to university and the university has assigned a person from HRMD as a contact person for students. They will be the person to contact when one is in quarantine or has tested positive for covid-19. Their number is +356 2340 4000. They will also be willing to help with any inquires students may have that are related to Covid-19.

24.Students who have an underlying health condition should discuss their attendance with their head of department or with ACCESS Disability Support.

25.Books returned to the library will be quarantined for 72 hours before being placed on the shelves again.

26.When it comes to using sport facilities entry will only be allowed for people who have pre-booked with Use of showers will not be allowed and one has to wear a mask or visor at all times expect when performing physical activity. The 2 metre rule applies here as well

27.At the canteen and university house one has to wear a mask or visor expect when eating and only groups of 10 are allowed to sit at 1 table.

For more detailed information, visit the University of Malta website!

Written by Emma Galea


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