Today, 27th January 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of when prisoners were liberated from Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Posted On January 27, 2020

In the beginning of the year 1940, the first prisoners were transported to Auschwitz concentration camps by Nazi Germany.

Nazi concentration camps used to mark the thousands of prisoners by either sewing the prisoner identification number on their clothes or with permanent tattoos. In fact just two years ago, the well-known book “The Tattoist of Auschwitz” was published telling the heartbreaking true story of Lale Sokolov.

Millions of people including children and elderly were sent to the concentration camps. A total of 1.1 million people were killed, the majority of them were Jews.

For many of us Auschwitz is a memorial; however, for survivors it is a cemetary where their family members and friends were killed.

Later on today, world leaders and survivors (who some of them travelled half way across the world) will gather in Auschwitz to remeber all those who lost their lives during this tragic time.

Written by Michaela Cassar


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