The Your FuturEU Campaign has been Launched by KSU

Posted On January 8, 2021

The Your FuturEU Campaign was launched earlier this morning by KSU at the Mediterranean Conference Center, co-financed by the European Union.

For Europe to remain relevant, it must seek to greater dialogue with its citizens on matters that are relevant, in a language that is relevant. Projects such as this one run by civil society organizations should bring real life context to resolutions and policy papers in the European Parliament. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that there is room for greater competencies for the European Union’s in areas such as health. It is clear that when we tackle issues together, we go further.

Matthew Xuereb, KSU President

Your FuturEU has three sub-campaigns focusing on the general wellbeing of students and young adults:

  • Beyond the Influence: A Drug Use Campaign
  • The Future is Equal: A Gender Equality Campaign
  • Mind Your Health: A Mental Health Campaign

An emphasis was put on a Post-Covid19 Strategy Plan, highlighting a number of issues that resulted from the pandemic. Drug use, gender based violence and mental health issues spiked due to lockdown last year. The disease outbreak caused fear and anxiety, the increased isolation and the socio-economic issues such as unemployment were causes to mental health issues brought about by the pandemic. Boredom and anxiety were reasons for increase of cannabis consumption whereas prescription of medicine and alcohol consumption increased during lockdown.

The campaign will mainly have an online presence, however KSU intend to instill awareness on campus as well as off campus. “Each pillar will consist of thought-provoking events and initiatives” KSU’s Student Affairs Officer, Yasmine Ellul stated, such as social media content, expos, workshops, articles, reports, guidebooks and most importantly, a policy paper, to name a few. She continued that these “will open the door to well-needed discussions on issues related to drug use, gender equality and mental health“. The aim is to not only launch these campaigns on a university level, but also on a national and European level.

Alex Gaglione stated, “The Future is Equal will also discuss sexist behaviours, approaches, practices on a professional and institutionalized level in terms of stereotypes, recruitment and remuneration practices“. The sub-campaign will be launched in March, focusing on many different approaches on how to treat sexism.

Yasmine Ellul continued to say, “how honored I feel to be spare-heading such a project and would like to thank you all for participating and helping us fulfill our aims and hopes for this campaign“.

Finally, Yasmine Ellul stated that they aim for this campaign to be a “catalyse for change“.

Written by Corrine Zahra


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