STILES Introduces the Sustainable Wall Tiles You Definitely Want in Your Home

Posted On April 20, 2020

Insite Malta is in collaboration with JAYE Malta to promote the innovative Start Up Companies you all need to hear about!

Meet STILES, a team made up of three third-year students majoring in Management and a UoM DegreePlus student with a passion for entrepreneurship. When they initially got to know about the StartUp Program being a compulsory study unit for this scholastic year, they were a bit unsure on the way they should treat it as they all knew how hectic and demanding the scholastic year was going to be. However, their motive to explore and delve into the world of enterprise encouraged them to take this exceptional opportunity and dedicate their utmost importance to it. From that day onwards, they felt that their perspective of the StartUp Program changed drastically.

Throughout the program, they have managed to encounter real-life instances that have been of a true learning experience for each and every of one of them. They no longer feel discouraged by the difficulties that one will face when launching a StartUp and the team stated that they surely have no fear of failing, as that is the key to success.

After much thought, the team decided to go for Wall Tiles made from recycled plastic material – they call them STILES.

The sTile is an alternative to the normal ceramic or marble tiles used on feature walls. Beautifully built in the form of a regular hexagon, the six-sided shape that resembles natural beauty. It comes in a wide selection of vivid colours that together have the potential to make up an aesthetical masterpiece. The team aspires to launch a variety of exclusive collections which would compromise of a selection of hand-picked tiles coloured and styled according to the latest trends and fads.

The primary aim of this product is to bring local communities together in creating a sustainable future. They wish to push this product high up the ranks and make it attractive to people of all ages with a flair for arts and a greener future. They are also targeting those individuals who are first time buyers and looking for stylish home décor of high quality.

We must admit that it is no easy task to juggle our studies, jobs and the commitments of a StartUp whilst balancing them out with our personal lives. Often, we end up meeting very late in the day or sacrifice time from doing our personal work/hobbies to further maximise output. During deadline periods we would spend long hours in cafeterias, making them our workspace, taking hefty doses of coffee and tea to prevent us from shutting down – a difficult thing to prevent when it’s two in the morning! It could become quite frustrating at times when results fail to reach our levels of expectations. We had to work on and gradually overcome many of our weak points and make the uttermost use of the limited resources we had as students. Having said that, taking the occasional leap in the dark has proven beneficiary, to say the least.” the team stated.

Finally, STILES intends to continue working on their StartUp and take it to the market when the time is right. They look forward to not only see these tiles getting hung on your walls, but also building an influential community that THINKS and ACTS sustainably.

Make sure to follow the JAYE Awards on the 3rd of May at 18:00 via Facebook Live to see which team take the title of StartUp of the Year and represent Malta at the European Enterprise Competition 2020!

Written by Corrine Zahra


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