Sex Tips as Told by the Pros at University

Posted On February 17, 2020

Betapsi and Willingness held a talk giving sex tips in the middle of quad last Friday on Valentine’s Day. This talk by Matthew Bartolo treated various subjects and also involved a quiz moderated by Nicola Falzon.

Sex, vagina, penis along with other usually more taboo terms were discussed fearlessly and in an unfiltered manner. Matthew Bartolo did not shy away from explaining in detail while also keeping the subject matter serious yet with a light hearted and welcoming tone. The tips were very interesting (the pineapple trick is not a myth!). Bartolo also presented the audience with various statistics such as ones regarding sex drive, female orgasms as well as the average penis size in the different countries across the globe – guess who’s going on a trip soon!

As a former Communications student I found it super interesting when Matthew Bartolo explained how sex is portrayed on movies and pornography as being spontaneous. In reality, it is very much a normal procedure to plan for sex ahead of time. Another tip that really stuck with me is how you have to be able to let go of your insecurities when it comes to sex and how it should be enjoyable. Bartolo describes sex as being “not something you do, but a space you visit and get lost in” and he could not have said it better!

Masterbation was also discussed as well as the notion of getting to know your body and learning about what gets you off. Another tip that stuck with me, mainly because I am homosexual, was the concept of receiving as an act of love, not humiliation. Within the gay community there is a stigma on being the bottom (the one getting penetrated) which is quite stupid if you think about it since you need a top (the person penetrating) and a bottom to make gay sex work.

The audience was very much engaged and questions were also asked about issues such as premature ejaculation, toys, as well as turn ons (yes it is normal to be turned on by the sound of high heels clacking). The talk ended with a quiz about the previously discussed issues and topics when it comes to sex. The winners won sex toys such as a vibrator and a cock ring – hope they made the best of the gifts on Valentine’s Day!

Written by Neville Sultana


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