SDM presents its new team for 2020/21

Posted On December 29, 2020

The Annual General Meeting which has been held today, 29th December 2020, has marked the start of another term for student organisation, Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM).

Sheldon Zerafa, the newly elected SDM President, will be leading a team consisting of mainly new faces with the aim of starting fresh as one united team. Michela Pace has been entrusted with the role of Vice-President and Leona Cauchi has been appointed as Secretary General.

Karen Scerri will be taking over from Andrew Camilleri and will be occupying the role of Financial Officer. James Balzan Sultana will once again hold the role of Public Relations Officer and Kurt Said will be the team’s Media Officer.

Tristan Azzopardi will be holding the role of Human Resources Officer whilst Michele Refalo will now take over from Matthew James Debono as University Co-ordinator. Alannah Zammit has been appointed as Commissioner for Education and Chayenne Riolo will be taking care of the office for Social Policy.

Kurt Zammit will occupy the position as External Officer, responsible for SDM in ITS, MCAST and Sir M.A. Refalo Gozo. Nicole Zammit and Calvin Grech will occupy the roles of International Officer and Events Officer respectively.

Cleaven Muscat will be holding the role of Junior College Co-ordinator. Cleaven Cassar and Jan Sammut will be working together with Muscat as Assistant Junior College Co-ordinators. This trio will surely help drive the organisation forward with their hard work and determination. Glen Mifsud will also be helping the team with regards to Junior College affairs.

SDM would like to thank the outgoing executive members Christa Zahra and Martina Galea Mascari for their work throughout this term. Special thanks goes to Kyle Pace, Andreas Galea, Matthew James Debono, Andrew Camilleri, Liam Cassar, Luke Busuttil and Keith Grima. Their years of service and devotion towards SDM have been the driving forces in keeping this organisation relevant and effective in all of the country’s major educational institutions.

The newly-elected team is more than ready to start off the new term with a positive mindset. As always, the main aim of the organisation is to conserve and improve the relationship and contact with all students across all institutions. SDM will keep being the students’ voice in all matters at all times.

With a fresh team made up of capable and dedicated individuals, SDM will be moving forward with a positive outlook. The entire team is looking forward to a successful and productive year ahead.

Written by Insite Malta


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