Pulse Issue Statement Regarding Recent Covid-19 Developments

Posted On March 11, 2020

Earlier today, Pulse issued a statement regarding the recent developments of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Malta.

It is important that everyone must remain calm and follow the advice of the local authorities, as well as encourages the public to adopt bold measures and take the matter seriously.

Pulse has also received a number of concerns with respect to the overall hygiene situation and lack of COVID-19 safety precautions across our educational institutions, namely Junior College, MCAST, ITS, University of Malta & Sir M. A. Refalo Sixth Form.

These concerns we expressed as below:

  1. The availability of hand sanitizers in all classrooms
  2. The availability of soap and disposable paper towels
  3. The emphasis on opening windows and doors in all classrooms while avoiding the use of air conditioning units
  4. The assurance that the cleaning authorities/offices/departments are well equipped to maintain cleanliness around college grounds as well as their own safety
  5. The provision of disinfectant wipes in crowded areas included but not limited to the canteen.
    From a student point of view, Pulse urges all students to be responsible and do their part so as to stop the spread of COVID-19.
    Pulse encourages all students to refrain from visiting public places with high influx of people, especially non-locals. This also applies for entertainment areas, including Paceville, especially indoor clubs and areas and streets exposed to high civilian traffic.
    Moreover, students should avoid unnecessary travel and self-quarantine upon arriving from countries experiencing high transmission of COVID-19.

Written by Corrine Zahra


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