Pulse Disappointed by the Decision taken by Government

Posted On April 19, 2020

On Sunday 19th April, 2020 the student organisation Pulse has posted a statement regarding how part-time students are not eligible for the €500 government supplement.

Hundreds of students work a part-time job whilst attempting their studies. Earlier this week many got the news that if they are full-time students whist working, they will not be eligible for the government supplement. As part-time employees, students still get to pay the NI just like every one else.

Owen Michael Grech, President of Pulse said: “We understand that this is a challenging time for everyone and that everyone has to do their part, however, students work a part time job for the solely reason that the monthly stipend is not enough to be able to get through the month. Especially with regards to students who have to work a part-time job because it is a necessity and not a choice.”

Some students have to work in order to sustain themselves, as unfortunately there are some who have no one to turn to. In the beginning of the scholastic year, Times of Malta have posted an article where various students were turning to food banks in order to eat. Even though many comment that Maltese students receive a free education and are lucky to receive a stipend, some students still need to work after hours in order to maintain themselves.

Written by Michaela Cassar


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