New Maltese Documentary Film, One Day We Will Dance Again, Promises a Message of Hope during this Christmas Season

Posted On December 21, 2020

Step Up for Parkinson’s is a voluntary organization that provides free dance and movement activities, such as classes, therapy, and performances, for people with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers. Tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd of December, Step Up will be releasing a new documentary film One Day We Will Dance Again,  created in collaboration with Anomaly Ltd.

The movie will premiere on Maltese TV (also available through online platform  tomorrow at 4:30pm and will be re-streamed on Christmas Day at 8:30am. With a beautiful tagline that prays “a story about connection, love, and hope”, the film promises to tell the story of Step Up with a special sensitivity towards the relevance of the community dance work carried out by the organization.

The documentary is the result of a directive collaboration between Natalie Muschamp, Step Up for Parkinson’s Chairperson, and Fabrizio Fenech, director of Anomaly Ltd.  The promo ( shows an emotional approach that will certainly be part of the movie, as we hear Muschamp speaking about her reasons for starting the organization, and we watch so many people involved and smiling in different dance activities. It also gives a hint of what inspired the title: due to the pandemic, the organization had to suspend their performance tour around Malta and Gozo and stop their in-person activities to start delivering sessions online.  

As we know, the Covid pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of many cultural activities and shortage of funds. Step Up for Parkinson’s also suffered from this situation. In fact, just last month Times of Malta released an article on the organization’s search for funding to stream sessions on television, a more accessible medium for the elderly than social media. Now they are partially supported by Malta Arts Council and The Good Cause Fund which will keep them on television until June 2021, however, they are still asking for collaborations keep the organization going. This gives One Day We Will Dance Again a raised importance, as it will hopefully improve awareness about the organization’s work and the experiences of the participants.

A short chat with Natalie Muschamp and Fabrizio Fenech provided some details about the movie and the motivations to produce it. Having worked on TV before herself, Natalie knew about the magic of audiovisual story telling. Although the idea of producing a documentary to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease and the organization was there before, the cancellation of the tour gave her the opportunity for funding.

Natalie found Fabrizio, who she described as a brilliant and passionate filmmaker, by recommendation, and they started together to craft the story they wanted to tell.  One that will, for sure, be full of emotions.

Both co-directors wanted not only to tell the story of the organization and its struggles through Covid times, but also to show the importance of having a community, a support network. They wanted to showcase the beauty of providing dance performance opportunities to people that suffer the struggles of disease, and give them art as something to look forward to.

As a final thought: do not miss watching One Day We Will Dance Again! The movie not only promises to tell an inspiring local story, but it might change your view on what dance is and how powerful it can be. And who knows? Maybe you or someone you know might benefit from Step Up for Parkinson’s and would like to participate or get involved.  

You can follow Step Up for Parkinson’s  on Facebook or visit their website in

Written by Valentina Vidal


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