Meet The Third Eye’s New Exec!

Posted On November 19, 2021

Last night The Third Eye held their Annual General Meeting where the new Executive Board for 2021/2022 was elected. The members of the new Executive Board are:

President: Waleed Alhweeshel

Secretary General: Julia Falzon 

Content Manager: Martina Farrugia 

Media Officer: Matthew Schembri 

Brand marketing Manager: Miirko Sant

President-elect Waleed Alhweeshel said, “In the last couple of weeks, I have had the chance to meet, converse and discuss with the previous executive team about the essence of The Third Eye and what it meant to be a student media organization in UM. During which I have seen and experienced how much the previous executives have worked on The Third eye and what The Third Eye meant to them and I can’t help but be moved by such dedication and effort put into this passion project and how each one of them has put part of their soul in it. So I feel honored and optimistic about being given the chance and trust by the previous executives to carry on this part of their student life and we can’t wait to put our touch and soul in it. We will not shy away from continuing building on what they have already built using our own unique personalities and touch. So keep your Third Eye open for us!”

On behalf of Insite Malta we wish the new Executive a great term!

Written by Daniela Chatlani


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