MEET THE Malta Neurological Students’ Society

Posted On December 8, 2021

On December 1st 2021, a new student society was founded, namely the Malta Neurological Students’ Society (MNSS). The organization aims to enhance the student experience by increasing knowledge about the fascinating wonder that is the brain, while also communicating both local and international neuro-related research.

This is especially important in Malta, where neurological research makes up a significant proportion of the University’s scientific research output. With this in mind, MNSS was created to further generate interest in this field, by aiding students to understand core concepts, while simultaneously increasing awareness regarding neurological disorders with the general public.  MNSS aims to disseminate information through regular posts on their social media platforms regarding various aspects of the brain, such as its normal functioning and changes during disease. These posts will be targeted towards both the public as well as students, so as to ensure that everyone can learn while fulfilling the organisation’s primary goals.

The organisation also aims to host events in the foreseeable future to continue to grow as an organization as well as to achieve the previous aims which will be something to look out for. Ultimately, as the society develops, MNSS aims to be a fundamental resource to students at various stages of their education to get a better understanding and skills in the inner workings of the world’s most complicated system.

Currently, the prospective executive team consists of:

  • Andrea Cuschieri: founder and prospective president;
  • Gabriel Pisani: prospective Vice President;
  • Ruben Chircop: prospective treasurer;
  • Matteo Vella: prospective research and educational officer;
  • Desiree’ Sant: prospective public relations officer.

The prospective executive team is excited to welcome students to join MNSS. Students who wish to become members of MNSS must be pursuing a course under the auspices of the Faculty for Medicine and Surgery by filling in the following form: .

Students’ outside the faculty will still be able to follow MNSS organized activities, and stay up to date on neuro-related research through MNSS’ social media platforms. Students who wish to become members and have a particular drive towards neurological sciences are also encouraged to consider taking on one of remaining executive roles in MNSS.

For more details feel free to contact MNSS through any of the following contacts:





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