Meet Insite Malta’s New Exec!

Posted On April 18, 2021

Insite Malta held their AGM last night on zoom. Zosia Stelmaszczyk, the current president of USPA, was appointed chairman of the AGM. The meeting was started off by a speech from the ‘20-’21 Executive Editor, Corrine Zahra, who described her term at Insite as ‘one of the greatest experiences in my life so far. It was definitely life-changing.’

The following amendments to the statute were proposed and passed:

  • A post-secondary student may become a member of Insite if they manage to complete their post-secondary studies and enroll at the University of Malta. If they fail to enrol at the university, they will be automatically dropped from their position.
  • Any member of Insite who drops out of their course will remain a member until the next AGM
  • The Insite year will now start from the AGM and will end at the next AGM in April
  • All offices must devise a yearly work-plan which must be discussed and voted on by 31st July
  • All previous members of the board must be available to assist the new members until 1st July to ensure a smooth handover
  • The title of ‘Design officer’ was changed to ‘Digital Content Officer’
  • Reintroduction of the ‘Photographer’ and ‘Operations Officer’ roles

“I gave Insite a lot of time and dedication because I wanted to see it flourish. And it was all worth it.”

– Corrine Zahra

The following persons were elected to Insite’s Executive Board:

  • Executive Editor: Daniela Chatlani
  • Deputy Editor: Robert Pisani
  • Public Relations Officer: Massimo Bonello
  • Financial Officer: Mirea Mormina
  • Events Officer: Ottavia Verdirame
  • Social Policy Officer: Geoffrey Russell

Upon being elected, Daniela expressed her delight and said, ‘I look forward to not only preserving the legacy left behind by so many members but by increasing its reach not just within the University but also outside its borders’.

We would like to thank the previous Executive Board for all their hard work and we look forward to leading Insite Malta!

Written by Insite Malta


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