Meet Betapsi’s Exec for ’21/’22

Posted On April 27, 2021

Yesterday Betapsi held their Annual General Meeting and elected their new executive members. The new executive board to lead the organisation for the year 2021/2022 now consists of:

President: Andrè Mifsud

Vice-President: Francesca Camilleri

Finance Officer: Mirea Gauci

Secretary General: Ritienne Demanuele

Public Relations Officer: Eric Abela

Social Policy Commissioner: Kristina Micallef Pulè

Student Affairs Officer: Rachel Dalli

Educational Officer: Amy Cachia

Leisure Officer: Maria Grech

External Relations Officer: Naomi Schranz

International Relations Officer: Nadine Aguis

EFPSA MR: Kylie Fenech

President-Elect Andrè Mifsud has stated, “Our main aim is to continue raising awareness about mental health and promote conectedness, especially during these trying times, whilst exploring opportunities through which psychology and non-psychology students can familiarise themselves with different forms of therapy and practices”

President-Elect Andrè Mifsud

From all of us here at Insite Malta, we wish the new executive board a fruitful and enjoyable term!

Written by Daniela Chatlani


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