Meet Andrea Grima – Candidate for Social Policy Commissioner This Year

Posted On May 11, 2020

As some of you might know, the KPS Commissioner Election is coming up on Thursday the 14th of May. One of the candidates for this year’s position as Social Policy Commissioner is Andrea Grima; a third year law student and ever since his first year, he has been a part of ELSA Malta being elected as Secretary General for the 2019/2020 term. By simply reading his manifesto, you know Grima means business.

Insite had the honour to interview Grima and discuss what he envisions for the Social Policy Commission. He started off the interview by stating that he did not include any points about the wellbeing and mental health of students because from this upcoming year, it will be handled by the Student Affairs Office but he is more than happy to help Yasmine Ellul in all of this.

Grima feels that he is qualified for the role because of the experience he has gathered from ELSA as Internal Management Director and Secretary General. Furthermore, he has helped a lot in the planning of various policy papers published by ELSA Malta, including papers on Blockchain, Domestic and Gender based Violence, Medical Cannabis and Freedom of Expression Online. He has also live abroad in Brussels for quite a number of years which helped him even more to broaden his mind and gain experience on such issues which he will be tackling if elected.

A lot of emphasis was put in his interview on the essential ability to be able to adapt to the particular important situations that are happening at the time. He also emphasized on the importance to listen to those around you because it is useless to launch campaigns which you care about if others do not share the same concern. They will not be effective and instead he plans to launch campaigns which are vital and concerning to what the people want. He stated that, “main topics are very important but if we keep choosing them to be discussed there isn’t much to talk about, we need to focus on the social climate of the time.”

Student activism and the apathy that comes with it is becoming a problem at the University of Malta so he wishes to bring awareness to KPS and the vitality of its role within the KSU. He brought to our attention for instance that KSU statements all go through KPS in order to get the approval to be published. Grima also stated that, “I want to involve as many student organisations as possible” by having each organisation record a video highlighting their work and its importance and then publishing such videos on the KSU page. He’s been in contact with smaller organisations who feel that they get sidelined and this will definitely help them. He also wants to increase the KPS online presence in order to reach as much people as possible on what’s happening within the commission.

Moreover, Grima wishes to launch a campaign dealing with the representation of LGBTQ+ on campus and organise talks on such topics as KSU is supposed to focus and represent all students. Domestic violence has probably been increasing this past few weeks due to COVID-19 and quarantine, thus he wishes to start raising more awareness by publishing videos with survivors narrating their story.

Publishing a paper on the impact of the implementation of the recreational use of cannabis in Maltese Legislation and also publishing another paper on constitutional reform were also some of the things discussed in the interview which he wishes to enact if elected. Both of them will be represented to their respective MPs and Ministers upon completion.

In his manifesto, Grima emphasized on the importance of publishing all social policy papers as not all of them were published in the past years and to restructure the format of KPS meetings to increase the contribution of as many organistasions as possible.

It was a privilege to virtually meet Andrea Grima and we wish him best of luck during this Thursday’s election! Check out his manifesto for more details on what he plans to do if elected!

Written by Emma Galea


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