Make Your Vote Count in this Year’s KSU Elections

Posted On May 4, 2020

With the KSU Presidency elections well on their way, the two candidates, Kris Bajada and Matthew Xuereb, are in it to win it. Within these past few days, both candidates have been appealing to social media to show what they intend to do if they were KSU’s President.

Looking briefly into their speeches during the KSU Annual General Meeting, which took place on the 30th of April, it seems both candidates have the right vision to lead KSU. However, who will win?

Kris Bajada, an independent candidate, stated that he is a representative of all students and sees himself as one of them. He is ready to take on their support so as to better represent them. With a vision to improve their lives and making a lasting difference, he “will not quit until the job is done, because that is what you deserve”. He expressed that “As one of you, with me all students will have a voice in KSU”.  Aiming to construct politics on the idea of unity, he claimed that he will set out to promote cooperation so as to accomplish shared goals. He continued by saying that he will speak the truth and work for all of the students without fear since he stated that together we can be the change we want to see because “KSU is not a council of some but a council of all.”

The other candidate running for KSU Presidency is Matthew Xuereb. Competing in the name of SDM, he stated that with years of experience, he will work for the student and with the student. He continued to say how he is ready to be of service and face the challenges one may encounter along the way. With an ambitious but realistic manifesto, he believes that no matter what, we can find opportunities and strengthen the council. Some of his propositions were to continue to work on transport, accessibility, the environment, creating cultural and sportive activities, while also keeping in mind Gozitan and mature students. He claimed that in order to take big decisions, we need unity and not division. Matthew Xuereb stated that he is ready to work with the students and reassured them that the council is there for them. He continued further on by saying that no matter who you are or where you are coming from, you can be a success and of influence in the University of Malta.

With no word as of yet, we are all probably wondering when the elections will be. The general public would obviously need time to be able to vote wisely.

Who do you think deserves to be KSU’s next President? The choice is yours. The vote is yours. Make it count.

Make sure to check out their manifestos below to see what their vision for KSU is. We wish best of luck to both candidates!

Written by Jessica Cassar


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