Law Students Call for Exam Contingency Plans in light of COVID-19

Posted On December 22, 2021

Law students are calling upon the Faculty of Laws to change their physical exams to online exams, in the midst of rising COVID-19 cases.

The students, which amount to around 200 per year, are saying that the faculty’s decision to conduct the exams physically is unreasonable when COVID-19 cases are on the rise. This is especially true when students would be unable to social distance during the exams as currently the two biggest auditoriums at the University are being used as vaccination centres.

The students have also not received any guidance on what will happen if they are in mandatory quarantine due to being positive or due to being contacts of positive cases. In the absence of such protocols students have to assume that they will be forced to take the exam in September, which has increased the pressure on students tremendously.

One student got in touch with Insite and said, “The stress has increased tenfold. Law exams are hard enough without having to worry about getting sick or getting our own family sick.”

GħSL, JCA, and ELSA Malta, the three law student organisations, and the student representatives of the Faculty of Laws in a joint statement said, “We have repeatedly been in contact with both the Faculty and the Registrar however we have yet to receive a concrete answer to our issues. So far we still do not know what would happen in cases where students are in quarantine, nor the plan as to what is to happen due to the large amount of cases, which will only continue to rise over the coming weeks, making exams at University untenable. We’ve been waiting patiently for answers however the situation is getting worse day by day and as of yet there is no answer in sight.”

The statement comes at a time where the MUMN is calling for increased restrictions in order to prevent further spreading of COVID-19 and stress on the hospital.

Written by Daniela Chatlani


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