Land a Job with the UM Placements Scheme!

Posted On November 14, 2020

It has become increasingly evident that having a degree is not enough to land your first job in your desired area of study. Employers are now seeking to employ individuals who already have some type of field experience and that means that students are also having to start thinking about acquiring a job in their field whilst they are still studying.

Of course, finding the perfect job while studying full-time can be daunting but the UM Placements Scheme makes life a bit easier for you!

This scheme is aimed to help you:
– Identify your strengths and weaknesses,
– Gain work experience,
– Integrate your studies into a real-life work environment,
– Demonstrate what you are capable of
–  and it is also a great way to earn some money on the side

Besides, you can apply for the placement through the DegreePlus programme and your work experience will be listed in your official academic transcript.  

What should you expect?

Currently, the jobs offered through this scheme are mostly on a part-time basis with the duration being between 2 to 3 months and paid at minimum wage or more. A mentor is usually assigned and will guide you to enhance your abilities and learn new skills. This is also done usually during the summer months where both full-time and part-time jobs are on offer. 

Interested? Check out what is currently on offer for you:

  1. Education Trainee – Institute for the Public Services – Click Here
  2. IOS Developer – Endeavour Internet Business Solutions Ltd – Click Here
  3. Software Developer  – CS Technologies International LTD – Click Here
  4. Market Researcher – EMCS Ltd. Msida Skatepark – Click Here
  5. Finance Placement – Debono Group – Click Here
  6. Junior Developer – AIS Software – Click Here

UM Placements Scheme webpage: 

Written by Sarah Aquilina


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