KSU’s Freshers Week is Cancelled

Posted On August 7, 2020

KSU has just officially cancelled Fresher’s week due to the increase in number of COVID-19 cases in Malta. 

Fresher’s Week is usually a week full of 100’s of people going round the main areas of university so such a decision is totally understandable and a responsible one for the safety of everyone involved. And yet, many organisations will be disheartened by such a decision as Fresher’s Week is such an important event for student organisations to boost their influence on campus.

KSU are now in the process of finding a better and safer alternative so that Fresher’s week is not completely cancelled. If the situation gets better by semester 2 they plan on having a similar event to Fresher’s Week when the second semester starts.

Hopefully the situation gets better, some sort of a safe Fresher’s week happens and students and student organisations can move on with at least some sense of normality for the next scholastic year!

Written by Emma Galea


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