KSU’s Education Office Could Be Your Voice at University

Posted On August 12, 2020

Every University of Malta student has encountered some sort of issue or annoyance with regards to the university’s administration or regulations. Some issues become so normal that one does not try to fight and fix the problem.

Unfortunately, not everyone speaks up about the issues they encounter throughout their course at the University of Malta since some students may think; why speak up and get in trouble when nothing is going to change? KSU wants to change that way of thinking. KSU’s Education Office is offering its service to help and solve your issue. Some issues should not be left unresolved since it is the student who suffers. Every student deserves to get the best education offered by the University of Malta. If it’s an unfair professor or a short deadline for a tough assignment, the Education Office could be your voice. Your name would be left anonymous and KSU would intervene.

If you have an issue that you feel is unfair, reach out to your representatives in KSU; Edward Degabriele (Education Commissioner) and Elsa Cassar (Education Coordinator) via email education@ksu.org.mt. At the moment, KSU Office’s opening hours are technically from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, however it is best to check on the day by contacting KSU since the situation is constantly changing due to COVID-19. Or just send them a message on their Facebook page!

Don’t be afraid to reach out. Every student is important.

Written by Corrine Zahra


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