KSU launches new campaign: Democracy Derailed?

Posted On August 31, 2021

On Saturday 28th August 2021, KSU launched their new campaign Democracy Derailed?. This campaign was meant to launch last year however was delayed due to the pandemic. The campaign is focused on the current and future state of democracy and rule of law in Malta.

The launch was first addressed by KSU president Neil Zahra who indicated how the campaign is relevant to today’s local political scene and the role that youths play in it. He was followed by KSU’s Social Policy Officer Alexandra Gaglione who called for a change in the Maltese perspective on politics, one that moves away and looks beyond the traditional party lines. She also said that the voice of youths must be heard now.

KSU President Neil Zahra opening the launch

The next speaker was journalist Manuel Delia, who’s speech gave a brief history of Malta’s democracy and the implications of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder on the local political landscape. Delia, in his address asked:

The truth about Malta’s democracy? Corruption is real.  A journalist who exposed it was killed for it. The corrupt tried to get away with it. Some of them were forced to resign in disgrace, overwhelmed by a snowball that started as a pebble pushed downhill by civil society. But justice has not yet been served.

Manuel Delia

Following Delia’s address, there was a panel discussion between lawyer and policymaker Dr Martina Caruana, journalist Mark Laurence Zammit, ministry spokesperson Rebecca Buttigieg and Manuel Delia. The panel discussed several topics including freedom of expression, partisan politics, active citizenship, and civic education. They emphasised that in Malta politics has been always viewed from a hyperpartisan lens which has led to the decimation of critical thinking and the ability to hold governments accountable for their actions.

The campaign is targeted towards youths in the hope that finally their voices will be heard. For more information about the next event of the campaign, follow KSU‘s page.

Written by Daniela Chatlani


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