KSU Issue Statement Regarding Upcoming Semester’s Lecturing Method

Posted On September 17, 2020

After a meeting with the senate and much deliberation, KSU have finally published a statement on what’s going to happen for the next scholastic year at UM.

KSU have stated that lectures with a large number of students, most probably classes with over 70 students will definitely be happening online. However, classes with a smaller amount of students have the possibility of being held physically. This is not yet confirmed and small classes are still facing the probability of being held online. The university is still waiting for the guidelines from the appropriate health authorities and once these are published, it would be up to the respective faculties, departments and institutes to decide whether they will be having lectures online or physically. This only applies to classes with less than 70 people.

Regarding the graduation ceremonies, nothing is yet confirmed but KSU together with the university faculty is working hard at finding a way to celebrate such a ceremony in the safest way possible. The certificates will be given in order to ensure further academic and work endeavors but the ceremony might need to be held at a later date.

Up until now everything seems very uncertain and more clarifications on everything must be on their way for sure!

Written by Emma Galea


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