KSU Introduces the Virtual Fresher’s Week

Posted On September 16, 2020

It’s official! Fresher’s Week will be commencing on the 19th-23rd October starting at 9am until 3:30pm while on Friday, the stands will close at 12:30. KSU is trying its best for a physical event within the restrictions as well as shift, wherever possible, to an online presence on Facebook.

Each student organization will be slotted a day and time during Freshers with socially-distanced stations with a scheduled system of 5 student organizations. Each stand will be restricted to two representatives per stand. The event will be following the current health guidelines. KSU will also be handing out their Fresher’s Pack as well as parking permits as usual.

This year’s Fresher’s Week will have different restrictions, unlike any of the previous years, especially the responsibilities of making sure that everyone abides with the health and safety regulations. This applies to not only visitors attending Fresher’s Week but also the several members of student organizations who shall be running organization stands.

KSU also mentioned that masks or visors along with gloves must be worn or else a penalty will be given. Each stand will also be given sanitizers. Logo banners of where every organization’s stand will be found around university and an information page will be made accessible on the KSU diary which they intend on handing out during Fresher’s Week.

Freshers, get ready for this year’s KSU Fresher’s Week!

Written by Corrine Zahra


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