KSJC’s Green Incentive

Posted On February 5, 2020

KSJC are working more than ever this year towards helping out the environment. These students came up with the idea of using travel mugs instead of disposable mugs.

The council would like to encourage every student to adopt various habits that in the long run will benefit the environment. With this initiative students will be helping both the environment as they will be reducing the amount of waste and their pockets.

KSJC have reached an agreement about the system of the travel mugs with both the Junior College canteen and a shop just outside of Junior College called Lemon, Lime and Orange.

Jodie Xuereb, the secretary general for KSJC said: “We as KSJC have big plans when it comes to safe guarding the environment with initiatives like clean ups, green campaigns and tree planting in store, as we believe that by small acts we will be able to influence our youths to become more aware of our waste production and educate on how to reduce negative impact on our precious environment.”

We look forward to what KSJC has in store.

Written by Michaela Cassar


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