Kris Bajada to Run Independently for 2020 Campaign…Again

Posted On February 17, 2020

Kris Bajada to run in this year’s KSU Elections Kris Bajada has announced his run for this year’s KSU elections via a Facebook post earlier this morning.

“There are too many problems being ignored or not tackled enough; these include the Engineering Warrant, Barts Medical School, the continual Parking Problems, the Environment, Academic Issues and much much more. These issues must be solved, and they must be solved now” Bajada wrote.

He continued to say that he feels a duty and responsibility for those who have supported him yet most importantly, to fight for an independent KSU. His official electoral campaign launch is pending approval yet is supposed to be held on the 26th of February on Quad during Degree Plus hours.

He had stated in a post on Facebook on the 12th of February that he would be stepping down from his role in UESA, and that he was considering running for the third consecutive year.

He was unsuccessful in the past, possibly due to the small amount of people who followed him. Especially when compared to the following of Pusle and SDM.

Written by Corrine Zahra


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