Hear What H.E. George Vella Had to Say About Pressing Matters

Posted On May 7, 2019

His Excellency, the new President of Malta, George Vella, visited the University of Malta earlier today. The event was organized by KSU to encourage students to ask the President any questions. He began by saying, “I am simply there for a moral force or rather, a compass, to guide the people” since he has no power over the actual governing of the country. “I want to hear your main concerns and your ideas”, he continued.

The President believes that regarding the environment, there is lack of consciousness. He mentioned how developing countries in Africa are facing the problems we created. Due to our development creating global warming, we are giving them the message that they are not to go through development to reduce global warming. Such effects seen in Africa are certainly the decrease in rain and crop failure, which then puts pressure on Europe since these people then decide to migrate to Europe. In the United States, the effects of global warming are clear with the horrible hurricanes that have been occurring.

A question arouse regarding last week’s shooting of a migrant in Malta in which His Excellency responded, “the Maltese are not happy about this surely, and certainly you are welcomed here amongst your colleagues.” He continued, “We need to be careful with social media. Be careful to not fall into the trap about foreigners and migrants. A big block is uniting to be a force in the new European Parliament. It will surely be a grouping voice against migrants. Due to our limited territory, we cannot accept everyone. We cannot give what we do not have.”

Furthermore, we are living in a time of rapid population growth and our policies do not always adapt to this. One can see that there needs to be a balance between quality built-environment and growth. The President commented on how as a country, we are a very small geographical area and that at least one should see that the laws and regulations should be properly applied. “There is a tug of war between constructors and environmentalists, with the government in the middle.” It is up to the government to see that these environmental institutions keep to the regulations.

Written by Corrine Zahra


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