First Year Law Students Outraged by Faculty’s Approach Regarding Revision of Paper

Posted On September 10, 2020

On the 5th of August, first year law students received their Constitutional Law exam mark. Around 7 days later, the deadline for the revision of paper application closed. On the 31st of August, the students who had not passed from the study unit received an email from the Dean specifying that due to the number of applications, it was not possible for the Revising Examiner to provide each student with a detailed report for the revision of paper in a timely manner.

Instead of an individual detailed report, an online lecture was to be uploaded on VLE examining the main points as to what the examiners were looking for in the exam. This video was uploaded on the 18th of August, prior to the Dean’s email. Some students were confused about the video when it was put on VLE before the Dean’s email. Even after the Dean’s email, some students had no idea the video had been already uploaded since they were not given a heads up. Despite the information given in the lecture, the person who reached out to Insite was of the opinion that it still could not replace the individual detailed report, something which the students had paid for.

Organizations representing law students at UM reached out to the Dean, hoping to resolve the issue, as well as the students getting a refund for the detailed report which was not going to be able to be sent in a timely manner that allows students to be prepared for those particular topics they failed to satisfy the requirements. In his response, the Dean stated that “the interim reports will be issued before the resits” and they “do not include reasons but are otherwise complete and barring the unforeseen, should soon be out. The students will know where they stand.” With regards to the refund, the Dean stated “this is something to take up with the Registrar’s Office. I have no say at all in this.

The exam for Constitutional Law is set to be held on the 15th of September and students received their non-detailed report on the 9th – only four days prior to their exam. Such a half-baked report at the last minute is ridiculous when these students paid for an individual detailed report which they will not be receiving before their exam most likely. This entire issue leaves these students trying to prepare for an exam and yet abandoned by their faculty who are simply trying to cover their backs.

Written by Corrine Zahra


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