ESN Malta’s Statement regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak at University Residence

Posted On May 1, 2021

ESN Malta is a youth voluntary organisation active at the University of Malta, with the aim of representing international students, facilitating their integration and providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.

The outbreak occurred at the University residence in Lija, and involved 11 international students, who were subsequently hospitalised, as was announced by Superintendent of Public Health, Charmaine Gauchi, yesterday, the 30th of April.

ESN Malta was shocked to hear of their hospitalisation, and urges all international students to continue following National COVID-19 guidelines and to remain vigilant. 

Although national restrictions are easing over the next few weeks and Malta’s overall population continues to get vaccinated, we continue to play a very large role in the containment of the virus and limiting its transmission. ESN Malta indicated that students residing at the University Residence must continue to abide by the health and safety protocols imposed by the Health Authorities for their own wellbeing and which have functioned successfully for the past 13 months. Furthermore, ESN wishes to remind students to restrict their movements within the Residence; to respect social distancing rules; to wear their face masks at all times and to regularly sanitize their hands. Together we can come out of this quarantine safely and healthily.

As the Student Organisation that represents all international students at the University of Malta, ESN Malta would like to reaffirm their commitment towards supporting members of our community during these troubling times. ESN Malta’s team of dedicated volunteers is available to help out in any way possible. Students are encouraged to reach out to us with their questions and concerns or grievances by sending a message to their social media pages or emailing

Finally, ESN Malta expressed their deepest sympathies to friends who have already been affected by COVID-19, and wishes the 11 individuals a speedy recovery. When needed, support of mental health professionals is readily available by the University of Malta Counselling Services.

Written by Insite Malta


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