ELSA Malta Elects their Executive Board for 2021/2022

Posted On May 1, 2021

ELSA Malta held their online National Council Meeting on the 30th of April 2021 in which the new executive for the upcoming term was announced.

Following ELSA Malta’s National Council Meeting, Raoul Ciappara, who served as the Director for Legal Publications for the term 2020/2021, has now been elected as President of ELSA Malta for the upcoming term, 2021/22.

The newly elected Executive Board of ELSA Malta for the term 2021/2022 is as follows:

Following the National Council Meeting, the directors were appointed to the National Board. The directors who were appointed are as follows:

Following the National Council Meeting, Insite Malta got in touch with Raoul Ciappara, former Director for Legal Publications, to share his thoughts as the newly elected President for the upcoming term.

“ELSA has given me a lot, both on an academic level through the office I have occupied this year and also socially by getting to know people that had it not been for ELSA I would probably never have met, locally and internationally. Thus, I only hope to repay what ELSA has done for me. But in my term as President, along with my newly elected team, we will strive to make this happen. By making sure that the students always come first, as I have felt in the past, that someone or something is there to be a voice for someone who may feel as just a number from the numerous students that enter the law course each year. To make them feel like someone has their best interests in mind”

– Raoul Ciappara – President-Elect

Raoul Ciappara – President-elect

On behalf of Insite Malta, we wish the ELSA Malta executive good luck!

Written by Daniela Chatlani


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