Elective Mania: Students Left to Camp Outside in order to Register for their Electives

Posted On October 14, 2021

Last night Master of Advocacy students camped at the University of Malta in order to be the first to register for their elective of choice, as a numerous clausus is imposed on some of them. 

Students were originally told that they could apply for these subjects on last Monday between 1pm and 5pm. An administrative error resulted in some students being accepted in these classes on Monday morning before they were registered. Eventually this was annulled and students were told to apply for these electives on Thursday morning.

GħSL, JCA and ELSA  released a joint statement expressing their disappointment at this disorganisation, in an age where online applications can be easily done. The organisations said, “It is very worrying to face a situation whereby students are struggling merely to access a subject they seek to learn from. While course capping is understandable, such arbitrary and strict changes, especially compared to the higher capping amounts of previous years, impose an unfair limitation on the students. No student should have to fight for valuable education.”

The organisations also proposed the following changes:

  • Removal of capping for online electives
  • Increase in the capping for capped electives to more than 25 students
  • Adoption of modern measures by the administration of the University
  • Students who have already applied without a second preference should be called back to email their second preference

Written by Daniela Chatlani


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