Election Results are OUT!

Posted On December 16, 2020

These past two weeks were intense as candidates for the various UM elections tried to appeal to UM’s student body to vote for them. Yesterday’s election meant an increased awareness of student activism on campus and here’s the results.


Giuliana Magro Conti 774 votes

Michaela Giglio 1305 votes ELECTED


David Mallia 750 votes

Keith Grima 1379 votes POSTGRADUATE ELECTED

Matthew Xuereb 1636 votes POSTGRADUATE ELECTED

Martina Cassar 1065 votes

Thomas Galea 1389 votes UNDERGRADUATE ELECTED

Faculty Board

Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy

Zane Camilleri 172 votes ELECTED

David Mallia 30 votes

Faculty of Laws

Alexandra Gaglione 312 votes ELECTED

Mirea Mormina 13

Peter Paul Portelli 35 votes

Andrew Sciberras 177 votes

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Nathalie Attard 5 votes

Andrea Caruana 11 votes

Matthew Cassar 46 votes

Gloria Montebello 251 votes ELECTED

Institute of Earth Systems

Jeremy Bartolo 33 votes ELECTED

Massimo Bonello 12 votes

Nathan Grech 25 votes ELECTED

Best of luck to our new student representatives!

All information was obtained from this link: Student representatives – Office of the Registrar – L-Università ta’ Malta (um.edu.mt)

Written by Corrine Zahra


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