Convex: Your All-In-One Travel Application

Posted On April 15, 2020

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Convex is a JAYE Startup with the vision of providing an all-in-one travel application as your go-to companion for all trips abroad. The team is made up of Jordan De Bono who focuses on Strategy, Leanne Micallef on Finances, with Nicholas Camilleri on Marketing/Sales, as well as Corinne Gatt and Gabriele Borg who are the App Developers. They attend the University of Malta and their courses are Commerce and AI.

Some of us had already participated in JAYE’s Company Program. It was a massive learning experience, and so reapplying for a similar program some years later meant we could re-approach the JAYE experience with a better and more focused lens, and choose more precisely what we want to get out of the experience.” the team said in their interview. “For those of us who are fresh to JAYE, it felt like an interesting concept and opportunity to network and mingle in a real-life environment, as well as the perfect opportunity to break the monotony that regular lectures and study-units bring with them.

Post CVP Presentation on 8/2/2020

The company aims to sell its application, Convex, an all-in-one travel application acting as your go-to companion for all your trips abroad. The original idea came from a desire to convert currencies on the fly using the phone’s camera, hence the portmanteau of conversion and exchange. However, the idea quickly broadened to an all-encompassing travel companion, from in-built maps to budgeting features to gamification of your travel experience. 

The aim of the product is to provide a complete service for travelers and tourists, keeping their journeys organized and clear. We are targeting the application towards everyone who travels abroad, specifically frequent fliers and long-haulers, be it incoming or outgoing travelers.

Competing applications focus and specialize in just one key area. Convex will bring all the quintessential travel-related services in one neat package, as well as offer its own unique features, namely the camera currency converter and instant-feedback budgeting tools. Convex wants to simplify and clarify for its users the travel experience, by offering one defined, neat package.

Furthermore, when asked how they manage their time, the team responded, “Time management is key in maintaining the double life of a student and entrepreneur. The secret is allowing synergy to pass between the two areas, where the lessons learnt in academia can be passed on to the entrepreneurial experience, and vice versa. This way, the requirements of each can figuratively be dealt with at the same time, allowing us to cope and keep up with both.

As a team, they intend to learn what it truly means to be involved in and begin a startup. They hope this experience will shed light on what, as individuals, they truly want to do, if it is indeed working in a startup environment, or else another venture entirely. They hope to ultimately learn more about themselves throughout this experience.

Finally, when asked if they are considering continuing the Start Up Company after the program finishes, they stated that their priority right now is giving it their all in the Start Up competition. From thereon out, it’s an adventure they hope everyone will be eager to follow and support them in.

Make sure to follow the JAYE Awards on the 3rd of May at 18:00 via Facebook Live to see which team take the title of StartUp of the Year and represent Malta at the European Enterprise Competition 2020!

Written by Corrine Zahra


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