Breaking: Pulse Launches A New Campaign

Posted On April 27, 2021

Pulse – Social Democratic Students, has just launched a new campaign with the name ‘Focus’, with the aim of giving students a platform to articulate their opinions as well as raising awareness about headline situations that are kept in the dark by the majority of society. It is time for students to break the silence and be more vocal on certain topics with no shame or guilt. Hence this campaign will be shedding light on mainly three sectors which are: Education, Well-being, and Environment. 

COVID-19 has impacted everyone from the early stages of childhood till adulthood let alone adolescents whether it is psychologically, physically, and/or financially. Studies show that 1 in 4 teenagers struggled with their mental health due to this pandemic yet problems which have been affecting their mental well-being have been existing from the beginning of time. This was never addressed in an appropriate manner. In addition, the pandemic affected the traditional methods of learning and the majority of the educational institutions had to transition to an online-based plan of action overnight leading to multiple flaws in the system. Pulse is known for being at the forefront of speaking on behalf of the students and tackling the situations presented to them in the best manner possible and the Covid-19 outbreak has not caused a setback in their mission. Not to mention, this global disruption has caused significant effects when it comes to the climate and the environment. During the lockdown, various articles revealed a short-term positive impact such as better air quality however there is still a long way to go especially in terms of single-use plastics, global warming, and many other environmental issues. 

Pulse has just launched this campaign by means of a video which is circulating all the  social media platforms. This video features Pulse President Isaak Koroma and executive members Elisa Dimech, Emily Gatt, and Mariah Zammit where an overview is given highlighting the traits of the campaign ‘Focus’. Moreover, they are conveying a message to encourage students to not only be part of this campaign but to also engage in student activism and be part of the change. Every student deserves to have their voice heard. Be the change you wish to see in tomorrow’s future. It is your time to make some contribution by joining the campaign!

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