Betapsi’s New Executive for the Next Term

Posted On April 24, 2020

Betapsi held its Annual General Meeting earlier today in which the new executive for the 2020/21 term was elected. Sherona Briffa was also contesting for the KPS role, however Kristina Micallef Pulè won the majority vote.

Newly elected President, Clayton Seguna, stated; “I’m really happy with the current team, it really looks promising and energetic. We will be trying to start working in the best way possible to provide psychology students a voice and help throughout this difficult period.”

Here’s Betapsi’s new team:

  • Clayton Seguna – President
  • Rebecca Fsadni – Vice President
  • Andrè Mifsud – Secretary General
  • Chris Debono – Public Relations Officer
  • Ivana Galea – Financial Officer
  • Kristina Micallef Pulè – Social Policy Commissioner (KPS)
  • Rachel Dalli – Educational Officer
  • Mirea Gauci – Leisure Officer
  • Francesca Camilleri – International Officer
  • Armand Abela – EFPSA Member Representative

Insite wishes Betapsi a successful term!

Written by Insite Malta


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